F & F Production

Sue Wee Pig & Ugly Pig Racing




Great Family Entertainment

For Your Fair or Festival

They Never Fail to Attract a Crowd



Look At Those Smiling Faces!

Lots of Laughter!

Lots of Fun!


     Hollywood Hogs All-Star Racing Team

 International Stunt Team

 Ugly Pig Race Team

 Uglier Pig Race Team

 Special Guest


    UP TO SHOWS DAILY (Full 20 Minute Shows) FIVE RACES EACH SHOW    

F & F Production

10 Gaskin Lane

Jackson, NJ 08527

 office (732) 928-5853

cell (732) 995-3350

    These awkward, but cute and cuddly racing animals fascinate spectators. Real crowd pleasers, these natural comedians bolt from the starting gate and race around the track snorting and squealing, stubby legs churning and curly tails sailing along behind.    





    • Up to Five Shows Daily (full 20 Minute Shows) Five Races Per Show
    • Racing Pigs & Housing for Racing Pigs
    • Large Colorful Backdrop, Starting Gate and Race Course
    • Racing Silks
    • Race Announcer & High Quality Sound System
    • Courteous and Professionally Dressed Personal Available for Media Appearances
    • USDA Licensed, All Animals Meet or Exceed State and Local Health Requirements




    • Recommended Space: 75 feet Wide x 40 Feet Deepů Clean Level Area
    • Water Connection Within 50 Feet of the Unit
    • Electrical Hookup Within 50 Feet of the Unitů 2 Separate 110-20 amp outlets
    • Pig Trailer Waste Pumped Every Third Day
    • All Parking and Gate Passes

Bleachers are Recommended When Available

    Robinson & Curuso